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Welcome to is an online fashion store for retail and wholesale who supplies most fashionable clothing & magazines style ladies apparel in Malaysia. All the dresses are sourced from various suppliers including from Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.

If you have any feedback or suggestion, please email us.


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online boutique Malaysia
Online Fashion: Nail Polish Protector
RM10.00 / US$ 4.00
online boutique Malaysia
Hello Kitty Clock
RM10.00 / US$ 4.00
online boutique Malaysia
Hello Kitty USB Computer Mouse
RM22.00 / US$ 8.00
online boutique Malaysia
Online Fashion: Mashimaro Shower Bottle Set
RM18.00 / US$ 7.00
online boutique Malaysia
Hello Kitty Ipad Cover
RM50.00 / US$ 18.00
online boutique Malaysia
Online Fashion: Bugs Lock Band
RM8.00 / US$ 3.00
online boutique Malaysia
Hello Kitty/My Melody iphone ipod nano shuffle touch
RM18.00 / US$ 7.00
online boutique Malaysia
Online Fashion: USB Flying Fish Fan
RM15.00 / US$ 6.00
online boutique Malaysia
Magic Hair Bangs Styling Clip
RM3.00 / US$ 2.00
online boutique Malaysia
Valentine Romance Rose Soap Gift Set
RM55.00 / US$ 20.00
online boutique Malaysia
Online Fashion: Hello Kitty Shower Set
RM22.00 / US$ 8.00
online boutique Malaysia
Online Fashion: Cocorea Shower Bottle Set
RM18.00 / US$ 7.00
online boutique Malaysia
Online Fashion: Panda Shower Set
RM22.00 / US$ 8.00
online boutique Malaysia
Online Fashion: Colorful Animal Stapler
RM10.00 / US$ 4.00
online boutique Malaysia
Online Fashion: Animal Face Tissue Holder
RM12.00 / US$ 5.00
online boutique Malaysia
Online Fashion: Eyelash Tools
RM10.00 / US$ 4.00
online boutique Malaysia
B028 Cute Penguin Dong Dong Plug Sticker
RM3.00 / US$ 2.00
online boutique Malaysia
Hello Kitty Wireless Computer Mouse
RM42.00 / US$ 15.00
online boutique Malaysia
Online Fashion: Lady Prevention Tape
RM5.00 / US$ 2.00
online boutique Malaysia
Online Fashion: Smile Up Roller Face Massager
RM10.00 / US$ 4.00